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At Kingdom Sportz 4 Kidz, our primary goal is to nurture young children's physical and overall well-being by focusing on the development of fundamental movement skills. We firmly believe that children who possess these essential foundations of movement are more likely to lead active, healthy lives throughout their journey into adulthood. Our carefully designed sessions not only promote physical prowess but also instill the confidence and enthusiasm needed to participate actively in a wide range of activities.

From play and dance to games, sports, and recreational pursuits, our kids are equipped with the proficiency and self-assurance to engage confidently in various activities, both at home and within their community. We take immense pride in integrating a holistic approach to each Kingdom Sportz 4 Kidz session, acknowledging and embracing the social, emotional, cultural, linguistic, creative, and cognitive needs of every child. Our skilled coaches foster an environment that encourages growth on multiple levels, ensuring that each child's unique potential is celebrated and cultivated.

With Kingdom Sportz 4 Kidz, your child will not only develop fundamental movement skills but also embark on a fulfilling journey of personal growth and well-roundedness. We are dedicated to empowering children to flourish physically and emotionally, setting them on a path to lifelong health, happiness, and a love for staying active.

Our Coaches


qualified coaches and educators fun kids sport classes

As a dedicated Health and Physical Education Teacher and a continuously exploring father, my passion lies in fostering healthy and joyful kids who can confidently navigate the ever-changing world we live in today.

With a profound love for sports and well-being, our mission is to utilize our skills, expertise, and enthusiasm to cultivate a generation of lifelong happy kids—empowered individuals who embody goodness and grow into exceptional human beings.

Joining our vibrant, active, and sporty community will provide your family with a nurturing space where kids thrive and learn valuable life skills through the power of sports.

Together, let's build a strong foundation for your children's future, filled with health, happiness, and a love for staying active. We can't wait to welcome you into our extended family at Kingdom Sportz 4 Kidz.


qualified and professional educators fun kids sports classes

As a passionate physical educator, devoted dad, and sports enthusiast, I find immense joy in witnessing kids develop their skills and confidence through movement and sports.

Throughout my life, sports have been a defining aspect, shaping my social, physical, and mental growth. From forging lifelong friendships to proudly representing WA, every moment has contributed to who I am today.

Inspired by the positive impact sports had on my life, I am committed to creating similar experiences for my own son and other children. Kingdom Sportz 4 Kidz offers the perfect platform to introduce sports into your child's life, nurturing their potential in a fun and supportive environment.

I eagerly anticipate guiding your kids as they take their first steps on an incredible journey of sports and movement. Together, let's inspire a love for fitness and create lasting memories for your little champions."


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